Scrying: First Attempt

I got my scrying space set up and made a first attempt at gazing. I used Uma Silbey’s method of visualizing the ball as filled with golden light by breathing “through” my Heart Chakra, with middling success. I tried to move into the ball and immediately had a sense of heightened awareness, followed by a feeling of being casually examined with great indifference; it didn’t last long. I pressed forward and saw what looked like a bridge between two pillars with a vague silvery landscape behind it, but as I moved on with considerable difficulty I realized it was a dim corridor with a door at the end, although I couldn’t tell size or color. The door was what I was looking for, but the trance was beginning to put me to sleep so I wasn’t able to enter this time. I ended the session at that point. Next time I will try it when I’ve had enough sleep the night before.

Skrying Setup #1.JPG

Skrying Setup #2.JPG

A couple of technical notes:

I had to make the room as dark as possible to eliminate external reflections in the ball.

I had to wear a dark, brimmed cap to block out the flickering flames from the candles, and limit their impact to the reflections in the top of the ball and on the cloth below. I tried lacing my fingers across my forehead to do this but it caused a pinkish reflection that was distracting. This gave me a good, clear field of view. I think I’m going to get one of those Moroccan glass candle lanterns in purple for back-lighting and eliminate the naked candles altogether.

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