Sneaking Up On a Dream

I just received the Golden Lenormand and decided to give it a test drive with the Grand Tableau.  I wanted to find out what my professional future will be with divination (and cartomancy in particular) when we move to our new home this summer. I’m “sneaking up on it” because our main reason for making the move (not counting how stale our current environment has become for us) is to get closer to our new granddaughter. Any other benefits will be secondary, but the fact that we will also be closer to a large population center makes me eager to gain more public exposure for my practice. (For the record, I only read face-to-face because I consider cartomancy to be an interactive art; on-line reading has never appealed to me, so relocation is the only reasonable way to expand my reach.) The gold-flecked cards are beautiful but the natural light doesn’t do them justice in a photograph. If you download the picture and zoom in, you will get a better idea.

All images copyright Lo Scarebeo, Torino, Italy

The Gentleman as Significator is on the house of the Birds, which in this context looks like mild stress more than anything positive. The Storks (on House) immediately above the Gentleman summarizes the context of the reading in a very tidy nutshell. The Key (on Garden) directly below the Gentleman reinforces the idea that the move is sure to involve rubbing elbows productively with a broader clientele.

The first three cards (the “message for the querent”) seem promising, and up to the Bear it looks like the decision (Crossroads) to move our household (Storks on House) is being made for “all the right reasons” (Sun on Clover), and I will have a good shot at establishing myself (Moon as recognition/Bear as power) when we get there. But Bear (as envy) + Fox (as deceit) make me think I could encounter “hidden enemies” among unwelcoming peers who are already established in the area,  and Gentleman knighting to Fox could leave me vulnerable to their connivance (Fox on Clouds spells devious trouble.) This makes me wonder whether I should trust any offers to participate in discussion groups or other public forums (Bouquet on Snake + Birds on Coffin); they may just be “sizing me up for the kill.”

I have a very close family member (Dog on Bouquet mirroring Lilies on Stars) in the area, an astrologer who wants to enter into a joint esoteric enterprise with me much like we had going elsewhere back in the ’70s (Dog + Ship) that could bring good fortune on a modest scale (Ship + Clover). He has local connections to this end (Dog adjoins Sun and Ring diagonally, both touch Clover diagonally, and the Gentleman knights to both of them). Dog with Moon above and Heart below and Ship with Sun above and Ring below look like a “good deal” all around. With Ship on Scythe and Clover on Whip, maybe we will be “cutting edge” and “beat out the competition”  (or maybe we will just cut our own throats and fight over the reasons for our less-than-stellar luck). But Gentleman + Coffin (on Child) describes a “dead stop” to our fledgling start-up (Gentleman both adjoins and mirrors Coffin), and Snake (on Fox) sits below Fox, effectively cutting off the Gentleman’s advance; the three negative cards together denote a hostile environment that could prevent us from getting a good start on our familial initiative (Child + Lilies). At the very least, assuming I get past the challenges discussed below, they may slow me down to a crawl through their obstructive intentions to discredit or outmaneuver me.

The Gentleman knights to the Garden in the house of the Lady, bringing a further opportunity for public interaction (possibly through my sister-in-law, who also has connections), but all the cards leading up to the Garden are counterproductive to that goal. Whip + Scythe + Clouds + Mountain seem to be conspiring to derail any such eventuality, and the Cross following adds insult to injury. The Clouds knights to the Gentleman and its dark side is facing him, signifying a gathering storm. Sometimes it’s wiser to just stay home. Anchor on Sun + Fish on Moon, rather than implying steady growth in income, feels more like “fixed income” (that is, no untoward cost to me but also no windfall from my outreach). In short, “glorified hobbyist” with occasional opportunities for paid public reading may remain my lot, but that’s basically where I am right now.

The “destiny” line” (last four cards) also bodes well at first, with Stars, the card of divination (on Key)  + House (on Fish) presenting the option of offering such money-making services out of our home. But we have been concerned about letting strangers into our living space for this purpose, and House + Mice (on Anchor) could be a warning about theft from our home due to burglary by someone we mistake for reliable, most likely instigating the arrival of the Rider in the form of a (police) man.

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