A New Pursuit for the New Year

After several years of wanting one, I finally got this 150mm crystal ball.


It’s natural quartz that has been “reconstituted;” they grind quartz crystal into a fine powder and then fuse it using heat and pressure to create a clear sphere. Here I show it with a few of its “country cousins” and the “grandfather rock” (Grand Teton) in the background. I have no problem with the extremes of Fire and Earth being brought together in the making of my scrying tools, since it’s just an accelerated version of the forces that produced the crystal in the first place. I’m entirely new to any kind of “gazing” techniques; it was a toss-up between getting a crystal ball or making a magic mirror using Scott Cunningham’s instructions (which I may still do someday). I’ve done some pathworking with the tarot, but that’s more interior than external visualization.

The important thing to me was to get as clear a crystal as I could find, and this one satisfies that goal. None of the polished natural quartz balls met my expectations. Now I have to find a good book or two on crystal ball divination. So far, the most useful on-line explanations I’ve found on “how it works” state that the practice draws out one’s subconscious knowledge for examination and interpretation in the same way that tarot cards and dream analysis do. This squares with my own understanding of how such things function: the personal subconscious inwardly channels archetypal wisdom from an external source, whether the Collective Unconscious, the Higher Self or a spiritual avatar, divine or otherwise. Divination techniques tease it out in various ways.

I’ve seen these called “meditation spheres.” I view scrying as a way to explore the subconscious along the lines of the Socratic dictum “The unexamined life is not worth living.” As Joseph Maxwell states, “Coming events cast a shadow before them; each individual has a presentiment about his own destiny, which may remain latent: the normal processes of consciousness do not include such presentiments.” If we in fact hold latent knowledge of the future in our subconscious and can tap it consciously through intuitive means, then the only question that remains is how it gets there in the first place. This is the province of philosophical and spiritual contemplation.

I left it out all night under the Super Full Moon in Cancer on January 1st – 2nd, 2018. Since I was born on the Summer Solstice at 0° Cancer, it seemed like the perfect consecration.

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