A 2018 Grand Tableau for the USA

With one year of the Trump presidency behind us, I thought it would be useful to do another Grand Tableau to forecast the next 12 months for both the man and the nation. I selected the Gentleman (no sarcasm intended) as the President and the Lady as the American public.

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The Gentleman appears in the house of the Tree at approximately “top dead center” in the uppermost row of the spread, with the majority of the cards below him and none above, indicating that he should be “master of all he surveys” and isn’t going anywhere soon.  The first three cards in the spread, often taken as the gist of the entire reading, are the Cross, the Book and the Whip. While they fall to the Gentleman’s left and are therefore fading in influence, they suggest that he continues to be dogged by unpleasant revelations (Cross + Book) that cause scandal (Whip on Ship and Birds on House could be read as allegations of foreign meddling that are being fomented within his own administration). He is looking back on them, still obviously fixated, and the insidious Fox to his right, facing in the same direction, seems to be encouraging  him to do so, thereby keeping him de-focused from his campaign promise of injecting a fresh impetus for betterment into the American “situation”  (Child + Storks). The President’s war with the press over “fake news” is perfectly expressed by the Birds + Man + Fox combination; it’s still a very personal affront to him.

With the Mice directly below him and the Clouds below that, the Gentleman is standing on shaky ground, with anxiety and uncertainty destabilizing him. Mice is in the house of the Child and it also knights to Child, eroding his traction in mounting his initiatives, and Clouds is on Mountain, symbolizing the vexing opposition he is facing; with Clouds knighting to both Birds and Fox, the inference can be made that mainstream media is fueling the offensive with misinformation. Clouds above House shows the stigma that has been hanging over many members of his cabinet; House is on the Lady, possibly reflecting the key role his daughter has been assuming behind the scenes, which has been cause for some alarm among his critics.

The four corners of the layout seem to be speaking to the effects of the changes in the tax code that were just signed into law. Cross + Storks + Fish + Heart convey the idea that an onerous burden (Cross) has been eased (Storks), affecting disposable income (Fish), and the American public (except for the grumblers) is going to love it (Heart). The diagonal line Gentleman + Anchor + Rider + Fish seems to reinforce this with supportive, stabilizing economic  news, and Fish on Moon could be showing a robust employment outlook (an “abundance of jobs”); however, Anchor is on Fox and Rider is on Mice, implying that the favorable news may be somewhat devalued by nay-sayers. The Lady knights to the Heart and the House, giving me the idea that Trump’s team will receive some recognition from the constituency for the auspicious “bottom line” result (House + Moon + Tower + Fish). The Lady is in the house of the Key and the Gentleman knights to the Key, together implying that the voting public is being wooed by these fiscal maneuvers in preparation for the 2018 Congressional election. The Key sits between the Anchor and the Sun, declaring that “stability is assured,” or more prosaically, “four more years of Republican dominance.” Furthermore, the Gentleman knights to the Clover and the Lilies, seeming to cement his winning trajectory in the near term (Clover) and beyond (Lilies). Both the Lady and the Gentleman knight to the Bouquet, which looks like an “offer” and an “acceptance” to me. However, the Bouquet is surrounded on all sides by trouble (Coffin, Snake, Clouds and Mountain), showing that it may not be all it’s cracked up to be, and the vertical sequence Bouquet + Ring + Scythe could mean that this part of his “Contract with America” will be “gutted” down the road.

The “destiny” or “fate” row (last four cards of the 8×4+4 tableau) contain the Lady, the Scythe, the Tree and the Letter. The Tree sits in the house of the Anchor at the base of the Gentleman’s column, reaffirming its importance to his longevity, and the sequence gives me the vivid impression of an ax-wielding woman (it could be any of a number of female adversaries) hacking at the very roots of his political well-being. The Letter in the house of Cross may signify an impending indictment or even Articles of Impeachment. Time will tell.

4 thoughts on “A 2018 Grand Tableau for the USA

  1. Made it. It’s me!

    Had a good little look around and was looking where to sign up, but this was the only way it seemed.

    Your website has come a long ways since the last time I saw it.

    Kudos to you!

    I thought your GT was going to be posted elsewhere. Mind you, your own one for 2018.

    Anyhow, not to go off topic…

    Not going to go into too much as I think you have the gist of it and it is well put, but it looks like Trump is going to be, and is, facing some hard times now and ahead.

    Not sure if it will be better than 2017 or about the same or more. It looks like what is coming up has everything to do with businesses like Imports, Exports, Commerce, and Trade. Also, Foreign Affairs, treaties, and alliances etc. Something will come under scrutiny and what he does independent of the Republicans. In fact, what he does independent of others altogether as in his own decision making and actions.

    With MICE and CLOUDS beneath him – the negativity does not really affect him per say. He does not let it. However, at the heart of everything for 2018, he will be dealing with a lot of “negativity” more so than “positivity”,


    No resolutions or certainty at all. A lot of stress, slander, and no clarity or direction. It seems under his leadership in 2018 things will be left up in the air and he may actually stagnate or procrastinate. If that is at all possible.

    Out of respect, I have not doe the houses as I know you do not do them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the kind words. I generally do the houses only for cards that are brought into high focus by other techniques, since I find doing them for all the cards in the layout to be a case of “too much information.” I’m always looking for reinforcing emphases for my initial observations, and the houses can help fill out the picture. I was trying to get at a little of that with my comments about the Tree. Regarding Trump. we’re still waiting to see what the expected “January surprise” is going to be.


      • A “surprise”? I will be waiting with bated breath,

        I cannot make out most of your GT, but I did peek to see what the MAN faces and can see BIRDS+WHIP+BOOK+CROSS with the FOX on the other side of him looking in his direction which is not favorable at all despite being to his back.

        With this GT style I normally would follow the French system, but to keep close to what you learned I will do the German system instead.


        Heated arguments, disagreements, and/or differences in opinions are what is going on now, or coming up very soon for him, and this is something that is likely meant to be concealed only might not remain so. I am wondering also if he is going to be “looked at again” for something like his financial dealings, accounts, or something along those lines. As BIRDS is on the house of the HOUSE – it will likely occur on the home front or in office. Gossip, slander, and rumors might circulate as well. (No surprise there perhaps).

        Health is something on the agenda as well because the MAN is on the house of the TREE, but as I am not a great fan of doing this area/subject/topic I will leave it at that except to say that his work environment likely impacts on it.

        Be curious to see how 2018 goes that is for sure.

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      • Thanks for the additional input. Trump’s doctor just gave him a clean bill of health (at least below the neck). I was thinking about the alternate meaning of the Tree as something that lasts a long time; at the opposite end of the Man’s column is the Tree in the house of Anchor, so I read it as him being around for a while.


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