Cutting-Edge Cartomancy

The Cartomancer is a glossy, elegant, high-quality and high-caliber quarterly international journal for the card-reading enthusiast, mainly focusing on Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle deck study and practice. After a distinguished turn at the helm by Jadzia deForest, the publication has now been purchased and is being published by Arwen Lynch-Poe. This is Arwen’s inaugural effort, and it’s packed with strong written and visual content.

Cartomancer Autumn 2017.JPG

The mission statement reads: “Our primary goal is to support an inclusive and mutually supportive community of Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle card readers world-wide through a quarterly journal that includes:

Well-written and informative articles by a wide range of experts for cartomancers of all levels, from novice to professional.

High quality divination inspired art from around the world and full color samples from some of the best recently published and classic decks for readers to explore.

A Marketplace for authors and artists to publicize and promote their books, decks and other tarot, Lenormand and Oracle related products and upcoming events of interest to the community.

Reviews of new and classic decks from major publishing houses as well as independently published, limited editions by our in-house review staff.”

At a time when online blogs and websites provide a cornucopia of instant pleasures for the casual seeker after cartomantic wisdom, these are admirable goals and the finished product is a joy to hold in the hand. I’m honored to say that I have been published in the last three issues, and – although I appear to be getting a bye in the Spring 2018 issue – I should be back later in the year with another pair of articles. My principal outlet for lengthier – and meatier – pieces over the last year-and-a-half (condensed blog writing turns one into no more than a minor master of the “three-paragraph mini-essay”) has been the American Tarot Association’s monthly newsletter and quarterly journal. I’m now delighted to be included in the select stable of regular contributors to The Cartomancer. Bravo, Arwen! And thank you, Jadzia, for nurturing it and keeping it alive.

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