Three Free Celtic Cross Readings

To celebrate reaching 300 posts on my blog, over the next 24 hours I’m offering three free Celtic Cross life-readings (English-language only) on a first-come, first-served basis. But you will have to play by my rules. I expect you to shuffle, cut and draw 10 cards from your own deck (or from one of the free tarot apps that support single-card pulls – I recommend Orphalese – if you don’t have a physical deck), then send the list of cards in the order drawn (including any that were reversed) to the Contact page e-mail address. Let me know which deck you used and I’ll see if I can match it. During the shuffle, you can either pose a non-specific “What’s coming my way in the next few months?” inquiry or formulate a more particular question; I don’t have to know what your question is. In this way, you will take responsibility for the spread sequence and I will provide my interpretation of your pull.

You must also agree to having an abbreviated version of the reading posted here, and to provide brief feedback on the accuracy and value of the results in the Comments section of the post. For my part, I won’t reveal anything of a private nature that may come up during our dialogue. I will send you a detailed written report, including a digital photo of the layout, by return e-mail. Please acknowledge acceptance of these conditions in your request. As always, my observations are for information only and should not be construed as advice for or against taking any specific action. What you do with it is your business.

I will take requests until Tuesday evening, November 28, and will acknowledge all requests, even if only to decline once I have three sitters lined up.


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