Court Card Thumbnails: The Page/Princess of Wands

The Court Cards: The Page/Princess of Wands


Earth of Fire; Princess of the Shining Flame – The Rose of the Palace of Fire

Astrological Correspondence:

The northwest quadrant of the zodiac, comprising the signs of Cancer, Leo and Virgo.


Golden Dawn “Liber T” (S.L. Mathers):

Brilliance, courage, beauty, force, sudden in anger or love, desire of power, enthusiasms, revenge.”

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot (A.E. Waite):

. . . faithful(ness), a lover, an envoy, a postman.” Possibly “a dangerous rival.” May indicate “strange tidings.”

The Book of Thoth (Aleister Crowley):

The character of the Princess is extremely individual. She is brilliant and daring. In anger or love, she is sudden, violent and implacable. She is ambitious and aspiring, full of enthusiasm which is often irrational. She never forgets an injury, and the only quality of patience to be found in her is the patience with which she lies in ambush to avenge. Ill-dignified, shews the defects of these qualities . . . cruel, unreliable, faithless and domineering.”


As a person involved in the situation, the aphorism “Out with the old, in with the new” describes the chief influence of this card. “A new broom always sweeps clean” is another apt expression. Exacting and imperious in equal measure, such a person makes a dangerous adversary, an unpredictable ally and an especially difficult boss. It can be impossible to know exactly where one stands in such a relationship, since mood-swings and prickliness are par for the course. The Pages can indicate the arrival of a message, but in this case the message may simply be “You’re outta here!”

As an attitude or behavior of the seeker, the homily “Patience is a virtue” provides constructive counterpoint to the above. The better qualities of this card – individuality, ambition, aspiration, enthusiasm, courage, daring – should be carefully cultivated and its more problematic overtones of ruthless directness and vindictiveness should be constrained.

As an impersonal influence upon one’s circumstances, it can show an invigorating but also unsettling wave of radical change sweeping across the seeker’s immediate environment. Matching speeds with that wave in order to successfully “ride its crest” is the main challenge. There may be a period of irritability and feeling “put-upon” by reversals of fortune.

Another footnote from the pages of Robert Wang’s Qabalistic Tarot regarding the gender disparity between the Golden Dawn/Thoth model and that of the Waite and Marseille versions of this card:

“One must, finally, comment on the Waite ‘Pages’ and the Knaves of the Marseille deck, both of which are exoteric. Insofar as these cards are the ‘Bride of Microprosopus,’ they must be shown as female. The Heh final is the Inferior Mother. Waite knew this, and was perhaps avoiding an idea which he considered an esoteric secret.”

Copyright Notice: The quoted sections were taken from Tarot Divination: A Description of the Cards of the Tarot, Aleister Crowley’s publication of the Golden Dawn’s Liber T, the tarot papers of Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers (from The Equinox, Volume 1, Number 8, Autumn 1912, Samuel Weiser edition 1981); The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, Arthur Edward Waite, originally published in 1911 by William Rider & Son, Ltd, Dover Publications edition 2005); and The Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley, originally published in 1944, Samuel Weiser edition 1974.

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