Lunar Cycle Outlook, November-December 2017


The Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland was used for this reading.

The November-December, 2017 lunation cycle began with the New Moon on November 18. The weekly period from the New Moon to the First Quarter on November 26 is dominated by fiery Wands cards, implying a vigorous, stimulating start to the lunar month. The 9 of Wands giving way to the Prince of Wands during the Crescent Moon (aka “Waxing Crescent”) time indicates venturing out with optimism from a state of relative stability. Radiant light emphatically chases the darkness of the New Moon away.

The Ace of Pentacles reversed at the First Quarter followed by the Ace of Wands reversed during the Gibbous (aka “Waxing Gibbous”) interval shows initiative stalling, perhaps reflecting a week for conserving resources and energy in preparation for the second half of the month. With the holidays looming, this sounds like good advice. On the other hand,  inertia and aimlessness may complicate the handling of any challenges.

The Knight of Wands at the Full Moon on December 3 roars back with enthusiasm and conviction, lighting a fire under the Chariot for its victorious charge into the week-long Disseminating (aka “Waning Gibbous”) period. This is a good omen for what is traditionally a draining “home stretch” at the end of the year, and a bracing corrective for the sluggish Aces..

The Empress suggests a time of harvest and harmony at the Third Quarter on December 10, reaping the fruits of the previous week’s effort. The 10 of Cups reversed during the Balsamic (aka “Waning Crescent”) week brings an in-gathering of blessings and a time for emotional reflection, a somewhat anticlimactic close to a busy season .

Overall, this is one of the most positive and uplifting forecasts for any lunation cycle during the entire 2017 calendar year.

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