The Lenormand 3×5 Alternative

While the Grand Tableau is deservedly the pinnacle of the Lenormand reader’s art, there is a gap between it and the 9-card square in the repertoire of standard spreads. This empty niche is ably filled by the 15-card, 3×5 mini-tableau – which some call the “Petit Tableau.” The thing I like best about this layout is that it has a central focus card – the eighth card in the usual left-to-right, top-to-bottom sequence of dealing – that forms all kinds of interesting combinations by knighting and near/far proximity. The four corners in a tableau are given special significance, and the focus card in this spread ties all four of them together by knighting, amplifying the narrative details of their interaction. It is also close enough to a Significator card appearing anywhere else other than the corners to produce meaningful combinations by proximity, either touching or “near” (no more than one card away). It also holds a unique position in any rows, columns or diagonals formed with the Significator, and when no typical Significator – the Gentleman or Lady – appears in a random draw, it can serve that purpose in the same way the central card in a 9-card square does. The only technique that is generally closed to it is mirroring. Here is a random pull that includes both the Gentleman and the Lady, with the Stork as the focus card; I chose the Gentleman as the main Significator.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

It looks like he has an attractive offer to relocate (Bouquet + Stork + Gentleman). He is facing a choice that could give him the opportunity to improve his financial and professional standing while taking on a job that he truly enjoys (Bear + Crossroads + Heart + Gentleman + Moon). The formal offer may have been a long time in the works, and the potential rewards could be quite tempting (Book + Lilies + Moon + Bear). But the hidden clause (Book + Bouquet) is that accepting will take him a way from a Lady who loves him (Lady knighting to Heart; Heart touching Gentleman). She will be barred from accompanying him (Lady + Cross + Stork), and Lady mirroring Tower suggests she will be left alone, although he may be able to visit her (Tower touching Gentleman). This weighs heavily on his mind, although it appears to be the right thing to do and the key to his happiness (Mountain + Key + Gentleman). Since the Gentleman and the Lady both knight to the Fox, they could both be fooling themselves about some aspect of the situation. With the Stork knighting to the mostly encouraging corner cards while also touching the Heart, the Key and the Gentleman, and the Lady’s influence fading away (to the far left), this reading tells me that accepting the offer to make this beneficial move is in his best interests, although I doubt she will see it that way. He will have to give up one to have the other.

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