A 2017 World Series Prediction

After my success predicting the outcome of the Super Bowl last year, right down to the details (https://parsifalswheeldivination.com/2017/07/31/an-unlikely-prediction/), I decided to try my luck with Game Seven of the MLB World Series. I used the same spread, my “Enemy at the Gate” adversarial advantage layout, with the magnificent Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus tarot for the main reading and the Thoth as the secondary deck. This reading was performed at 0730 on the morning of November 1, 2017.


All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT and M.M. Meleen

The Los Angeles Dodgers took the top row by coin-flip, with the Houston Astros  in the bottom row. I pre-selected the Chariot, meaning “Victory” and “Triumph,” from the Thoth deck as the “Opportunity” card (Significator).

In the “Opponents’ Strength” positions (Cards #1 and #2), the Dodgers received the 8 of Cups (“Indolence,” Saturn in Pisces) and the Astros the 6 of Disks reversed (limited “Success,” Moon in Taurus but “obscured by clouds”). It looks like the Dodgers will be emotionally flat going into the game, but the Astros will have an unfortunate tendency to give away runs in the early innings. Score: null, since neither team appears to be dominant (but I might still give a slight edge to the Astros).

On a side note, with these cards there is a possibility the game could be rained out, which means this reading will be void.

In the “Opponents’ Weakness” positions (Cards #3 and #4), the Dodgers have the 3 of Swords reversed (muted “Sorrow”) and the Astros the Ace of Swords reversed (“Root of the Power of Air,” but poorly-focused). I would say both teams are mentally exhausted, but the Astros have a little more “spark” left going into the game. They could still have their “eye on the ball” to a greater extent. Score: +1 for Astros.

In the “Opponents’ Edge” positions (Cards #5 and #6) came up with the Prince of Wands, and the Astros the Knight of Cups reversed; it looks like the Dodgers will get their mojo going (probably behind the plate), while the Astros will have trouble finding their power. The Dodgers have “Air of Fire” working for them for an offensive surge while the Astros’ “Fire of Water” is dampened and debilitated by the reversal; it seems unlikely that they will be able to generate enough “steam,” although with the Knight the potential for a break-out is certainly there. Score: +1 for Dodgers, but not by much if the Astros wake up and make it a toss-up.

The “Allies’ Power” positions (Cards #7 and #8) I took to mean the teams’ respective bullpens. For the Dodgers, the 4 of Swords (“Truce,” Jupiter in Libra) suggests “containment,” possibly a shut-out by their relievers, while the Astros’ 5 of Cups (“Disappointment,” Mars in Scorpio) shows them frustrated in this match-up. Score: +1 for Dodgers.

Regarding the “Sub-Quints,” my usual practice is to include court cards as “11” through “14” (Princess-to-Knight) and to subtract the value of reversed cards, which is what I did here. The Dodgers wound up with the Universe (“completion and success”), while the Astros got the Tower reversed (“crash and burn,” with the reversal adding insult to injury.) The Dodgers’ quint is elemental Earth, which is “friendly” to the elemental Water of the Chariot, while the Astros’ quint is elemental Fire and antagonistic to the Water of the Chariot. Although the number of the Tower (16) reduces numerologically to the number of the Chariot (7), creating apparent synergy, the reversal derails its momentum. There is no ambiguity here. Score: +1 for Dodgers.

The Grand Quint (Universe + Tower reversed = 5) was the Hierophant, corresponding to the Earth sign Taurus, which favors the Earthy Saturn of the Universe. If the Dodgers play conservative baseball, they should be able to prevail. The earthy Hierophant, although elementally neutral to and supportive of the fiery Tower, may not have enough righteous vigor to “pull the Astros’ chestnuts out of the fire.” Score: +2 for Dodgers.

The final scoring came up +5 for the Dodgers and +1 for the Astros. Discounting the uncertain verdict in a couple of the close scores,  I’ll go out on a very shaky limb and predict a 5-to-1 victory for the Dodgers in the closing game of the Series, with an alternate opinion of a 4-to-2 Dodgers win after factoring in the uncertainty. The cards don’t indicate a “blow-out” by either team, but the Dodgers have a slightly better chance of making that happen. But as a long-standing (and long-suffering) Red Sox fan I don’t really care either way,

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