Devilish Details

The Devil is always a fascinating card to approach from an interpretive standpoint. As I understand it, the paragon of evil shown in early decks was intended to be a demon (or arch-demon), not the biblical Satan; its elevation came later. There is a modern tendency to see the Devil as "not such a bad … Continue reading Devilish Details

A Turn of the Wheel . . .

Had Omar Khayyam been a tarotist, he might have said something like "The moving Wheel spins, and having spun, moves on." Until fairly recently, the usual interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune was predominantly positive, given its astrological correspondence to the planet Jupiter, known as "the Greater Benefic." A sampling of keywords yields "Destiny; fortune; … Continue reading A Turn of the Wheel . . .

Christopher Hyatt and the Opening of the Key

During my recent exploration of the Opening of the Key (OotK) method as described by Aleister Crowley in both the Book of Thoth and in his 1912 release of the Golden Dawn tarot material in The Equinox, Volume 1, Number 8 (which he also identified as "revised and improved" from the version "given to students … Continue reading Christopher Hyatt and the Opening of the Key

An Astrological Thumbnail: Translation of Light

I just calculated a chart for a newborn that, while remarkable for several reasons, contains a "textbook" example of a translation of light scenario. First a definition for those unfamiliar with the concept, from On the Heavenly Spheres by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro: "Translation of light occurs when faster planet A separates from slower … Continue reading An Astrological Thumbnail: Translation of Light

Numerological Fun with the Trumps

I was thinking today about the ways that the Major Arcana cards tie together numerologically. Except for the Fool, all of them have what Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm call "numerological counterparts:" trump cards whose numbers when subject to mathematical reduction result in a lower-numbered card with which the original card can be seen as having … Continue reading Numerological Fun with the Trumps

The Full Monty: Comparing Tarot Deck Styles

For those of you aren't British, this is the source of my title: A question was recently raised on one of the tarot forums as to whether there is a comprehensive table providing  a side-by-side comparison of card meanings across all the major deck styles: Tarot de Marseille (TdM), Etteilla, Wirth, Golden Dawn, RWS … Continue reading The Full Monty: Comparing Tarot Deck Styles