The Tarot of Dreams Deck Interview

I just received Ciro Marchetti’s Tarot of Dreams (the 2015 reissue) today and decided to run it thorough my “personality profile” deck interview spread. This is Ciro’s second tarot project, following on the heels of his Gilded Tarot. I consider it a step up in excellence.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The top row is the Wands row, indicative of the deck’s vitality and spirit; the second row is the Cups row, showing the deck’s fluidity and sensitivity; the third row is the Swords row, expressing the deck’s eloquence and directness; and the bottom row is the Coins row, conveying the deck’s solidity and reliability.

The left-hand column describes “First Impressions,” or the face the deck presents to the observer upon first encounter. The series runs top-to-bottom, Wands (Energy); Cups (Heart); Swords (Voice); Coins (Substance).

The Hanged Man in the Wands position shows that the deck will be a “slow burner” and will take its time revealing itself, but will be no less vehement for it. The Ace of Swords in the Cups position suggests that the deck will not mince words and may be sharp-tongued to the point of cutting; care will be needed to stay out of “cruel to be kind” territory. The 8 of Cups in the Swords position is subtle and subdued; there is a distracted vagueness to its mode of expression that may make it difficult at times to discern the crux of the message. The Knight of Swords in the Coins position is a “square peg in a round hole;” the double Air emphasis is a bit clueless in the realm of Earth, and may seem awkward in fielding mundane questions.

The center column shows the deck’s usual “manner of speech” and “conversational tone.” The vertical sequence is the same as before.

Like all of the Threes, the 3 of Wands in the Wands position is a “doer,” dedicated to expansion and opportunity. But I also consider this card to be one of “patient anticipation,” which plays well with the Hanged Man. There should be no premature “popping off” with this combination, but more of a measured intonation. The 9 of Cups in the Cups position is full to overflowing with emotion. This should blunt the sharp edge of the Ace of Swords and make for more congenial discourse that still has access to that laser wit. The 6 of Swords in the Swords position is the consummate “scientist,” careful of its empirical checks-and-balances. Well-reasoned elocution is its forte. The King of Coins in the Coins position is the Master of the Keep who will always weigh in with sound and sober advice.

The right-hand column displays something of the deck’s overall nature; the cards are read in combination with the middle set to provide a more ample description of the deck’s potential. The vertical sequence is again identical.

The Ace of Coins in the Wands position coupled with the adjacent 3 of Wands makes for a level-headed and serene demeanor that is more interested in discovering the facts than chasing rumors. The 9 of Coins in the Cups position is an exemplar of languid dignity, not the least bit excitable or emotionally vulnerable, a fine quality for approaching the customary domain of Cups in the company of the buoyant 9 of Cups. The Queen of Coins in the Swords position is another elemental mismatch, but the Earth Queen – as a secondary expression of elemental Water – flows a little more comfortably around the chill, drafty corridors of Air, aided by the tireless, water-tolerant 6 of Swords. She knows equally well when to hold her tongue and when to hold her ground. The 5 of Wands in the Coins position is another instance of standing up and being counted, with no hesitation about “mixing it up” when the stakes are worth defending; the stalwart King of Coins has its back, so there should be no question of it backing down from a challenge.

Overall, this deck is well-balanced elementally with a slight edge going to Earth, which lends a steadying sense of sobriety and an admirable economy of expression. I believe it will serve me well for a long time to come.

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