Professional Ethics

The assurance of ethical conduct during tarot readings is a persistent source of anxiety for readers just starting out in professional practice. Government jurisdictions that have anti-fortune-telling laws on the books make it that much more stressful. When I began reading publicly in a professional setting, I crafted a set of ground-rules for myself that I adhere to in all the ways that count, particularly from a legal self-protection standpoint. I don’t show this list to my clients since it may intimidate them and take some of the mystical ambiance away from the session. Some of them I touch on informally, others I withhold unless they need to be invoked (such as those involving professional credentials and licenses).

I captured these in a one-page “cheat sheet” that I bring with me to readings.

My goal is to shed light on what the cards can tell you about yourself and your situation. It’s your reading and your life, so this will be a dialogue rather than a monologue. Feel free to interrupt at any time during the narrative if you have questions.

We will discuss “probability” and “possibility,” not inevitability. The future isn’t carved in stone and can always be changed through your own actions. The purpose of a tarot reading is to provide useful insights into ways that might be done.

I prefer that you shuffle and cut the deck. If you like, however, you can draw the cards from a “fan,” or just perform the cut.

There are three ways to present your question:

a. Ask for a broad overview of your current situation.

b. Ask for insights regarding a particular area of life

c. Ask a specific question on a single subject.

Tarot is most effective for exploring situations involving future actions, events, decisions and outcomes. It is less useful for describing the psychological dimensions of human interaction.

Questions seeking actionable medical, financial or legal guidance should be brought to a qualified professional. I have no formal credentials in these areas.

I’m not a mind-reader, I “just read the cards.” Tarot isn’t a psychic key for uninvited access to another person’s mind. If your situation involves someone who hasn’t consented to being a subject of the reading, I can help you rephrase the question to stay within ethical bounds.

I’m also not a trained counselor. My observations are offered “for entertainment only,” with no express or implied claim of suitability for any particular purpose. Their use in any way is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the recipient.

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