“Weekly Blueprint” Pull for Thursday

The “action” card for today is the Ace of Wands. As long as I don’t fall prey to over-thinking and over-compensating (symbolized by the reversed Art as “background” card), this has the potential to be a lively, on-point day.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT and M.M. Meleen

Art (more commonly known as Temperance) is a card of alchemical finesse and precision; I call its mode of operation “the Fine Art of Right Action,” not so much balancing as synthesizing and harmonizing.  However, reversal puts the target a bit out-of-focus, creating the risk of squandering that clarity of purpose. The Sagittarian expression of elemental Fire is much more abstract than that of the Ace of Wands; it’s the difference between a laser and a blowtorch. The Ace of Wands will go cheerfully on its way without giving one thought to the niceties of adjustment and adaptation that are the forte of Art. Unless things get complicated today, they won’t be missed.

Some readers consider the middle card in a line spread to be the “hinge” on which developments in the matter pivot toward their conclusion. The average American worker, weaned on a five-day work week, characterizes Wednesday as “hump day” (that is, “getting over the hump” to the next week-end), but in a seven-day scheme beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday, Thursday is the pivotal day. In this reading, Art is the first of four Major Arcana cards that finish out the week, suggesting that momentous events may be in the offing. As I mentioned previously, the  inattention signified by the reversal of Art could open the door for an unexpected “Tower” event on Friday. Heightened vigilance is in order over the next couple of days, but especially tomorrow.

The Ace of Wands shows the urge to take charge of the situation, but not necessarily the iron-clad will to pull it off. As Aleister Crowley observes, it represents one of the elemental “Blind Forces, no more.” I think I will just flow with it for today and see what transpires. Incipient Fire energy doesn’t have a lot of staying power and doesn’t cut very deep, so I can always adjust after the anticipated “flame-out.”

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