“Weekly Blueprint” Pull for Tuesday

Here is Tuesday’s pairing of background “tone” and foreground “action” cards.

I realized this morning that, to be strictly correct, I need to use two decks in this exercise, so all possible combinations are available for each day. There is no logical reason why the Tower can’t appear in both the background and the foreground (although I should probably find a bomb shelter). So I decided to use the Tabula Mundi’s spiritual ancestor – the Thoth deck – to lay out the weekly blueprint.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT and M.M. Meleen

The 4 of Swords in the background today is a rather rudderless proposition. It has always suggested “benign neglect” to me; there are no urgent decisions to make and no demanding mental feats to attempt. “Cruise control” is on. As a retiree, on most days I don’t plan activities meticulously, so the 4 of Swords could describe almost any day that hasn’t been scheduled in advance. With Swords there is always the chance of irritation, but the 4 of Swords is too static to make it anything more than minor background noise. Keeping controversy at arms’ length is the order of the day.

The Fool reversed in the foreground isn’t going to upset the low-key vibe of the 4 of Swords. Visually, the most noticeable thing here is the similarity between the crossed swords on the Four and the Hebrew Aleph on the Fool, which the reversal brings into focus. A couple of analogies come to mind: “crossed arms” and “sitting on one’s hands,” in the sense that the need for any kind of resolute action isn’t embraced.

This combination looks like a procrastinator’s dream. If the Fool is an empty  “windbag” in medieval terms, the reversed Fool could be “holding his breath,”  a perfect complement to the understated ambitions of the minor card. According to John Opsopaus in the Guide to the Pythagorean Tarot, the Fool has an abundance of energy on tap, but reversal closes the spigot for the moment. It doesn’t look like a day to start a major project; the scope of any initiative should be matched to available reserves of mental stamina. I’m thinking “the tide is out” today.

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