A Simple Yes-or-No Spread

Answering straightforward yes-or-no questions in a clean, simple way has never been easy with the tarot because the cards are highly nuanced, telling complex stories rather than pronouncing clear-cut verdicts. Different approaches have been tried, including single-card pulls that rely on the general positive or negative nature of the card drawn, or – even more basic – whether or not the card is reversed. Mark K. Greer has a spread on her web site that uses the Wheel of Fortune as an “index” or “pointer” card; where it falls in an eight-card layout gives a “Yes,” “Soon,” Delayed” or “No” answer.

The comparable spread I’m offering here is economical in concept and uses a designated “Significator” or topic card as the pointer. In addition, it employs the idea of modifier cards that land in the same position as the focus card, fleshing out the reasons behind the answer received. Another innovation is the inclusion of trend indicators that shift an ambivalent “Maybe” outcome one way or the other, especially when coupled with modifier cards of a quality sympathetic to the trend direction. This spread has sufficient depth to overcome the 50-50 “coin-flip” law of probability.

Here is a link to Mary’s blog.

Yes-No Advice Oracle


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