The “Fool in the Middle” Spread

This is a slightly cheeky poke at workplace dynamics (and by extension, politics). The “boss” (Fool) is at the center of the corporate universe, and there are up to twenty options to represent co-workers, either as second-level supervisors (Aces) or peers (court cards). The idea is that you only need to populate as many of the positions as you have individual workplace relationships that you want to examine. Some people may stand out as particular court-card types, regardless of gender. I like to pre-load the spread with Aces and courts from a second deck to have a visual display to place the reading cards on. If the notion of your boss as “the Fool” makes you wince (there must be one or two of you out there), you can substitute the Emperor or Empress.

I can also see using this spread in non-work-related circumstances with the querent as the Fool facing a host of interpersonal challenges and opportunities. In that case, the four Aces could be read as modes of dealing with the different aspects of the situation and the people involved.

Fool in the Middle Spread

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