The “Second Opinion” Moving Line Spread

This is a “Majors-Only” spread in which only four of the cards are drawn from the 22-card deck; the rest are derived from the card first drawn in each row. It adopts the concept that all of the Major Arcana cards except the Fool as “0” have one or more “numerological counterparts” based on the techniques of addition and reduction.  The “Advice” cards are court cards selected from the table of correspondences at the end of the spread, and show characteristics, attitudes or behaviors the querent should either assume or avoid in dealing with the situation shown by the associated trump cards. The idea of “moving lines” comes from the I Ching, in which changing certain Yang lines into  Yin lines and vice-versa produces an entirely different hexagram and therefore an altered outlook. The spread is intended for examining primary and secondary options in any decision-making scenario.

Moving Line Spread and Table

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