Elemental Dignity Permutations by Suit

In the Liber Theta discussion of Elemental Dignities, Jim Eshelman uses the term “permutations” for the three-card combinations that can be made with cards of elementally  friendly, unfriendly and neutral nature. Although I diverge in my view of the “neutral and supportive” category, instead considering those cards to be “complementary opposites” – one suit provides what the other lacks although they don’t fully cooperate – I agree in principle with his ideas and set out to create a visual guide to these permutations using the English Magic Tarot, which has wide color-coded borders (many hate them for exactly that reason) that are perfectly suited to the purpose. In the line item descriptions I give for each combination, you will see how I worked the idea of “proportion” (basically an application of “preponderance”) into the delineation. This is one way to shade the contribution of each card to the overall mix and partially satisfy the Golden Dawn provisions for considering the influence of the cards “according to their nature.” Another way, which MacGregor Mathers appears to have used in his example readings in Liber T, is to look at the “good or evil” qualities of each card as it colors the interpretation, but Mathers didn’t give any guidance for using divinitory meanings in the Golden Dawn rules, and I didn’t attempt to bring them to bear in my visual guides; therefore, no attention should be paid to the specific cards in each triplet. Here they are according to suit:

Wands ED Permutations

Cups ED Permutations

Swords ED Permutations

Pentacles ED Permutations

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