“Enemy at the Gates” Vulnerability Spread

This spread was developed specifically to examine confrontations between two antagonists in any kind of contest (politics and sports come to mind). I’ve used it twice so far for major political situations, once to analyze the Macron and Le Pen face-off for French President, and again to explore the adversarial relationship between the Trump Administration and its opponents. Both readings are attached. The first prediction turned out to be incorrect, which may have had more to do with aberrations in French voting practices than the comparative strength of the two candidates. The second prediction is ongoing and seems to have a better chance for accuracy. These readings are included to show the methodology involved, not as a demonstration of  predictive prowess. As with all my spreads, this one is a work-in-progress.

Enemy at the Gates Vulnerability Spread

Macron vs Le Pen

Who Has the Upper Hand

2 thoughts on ““Enemy at the Gates” Vulnerability Spread

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