The “Board Game” Gambit

I’ve never been satisfied with the use of Significator cards in tarot spreads. They don’t seem to do much of anything, like a decorative centerpiece on a dining-room table; they may look impressive but you can’t eat them. Lately I’ve been creating positional spreads that require the Significator to be read in combination with every card in the layout. They become like a moving piece on a game board, visiting each position and interacting with its occupant. In this  way, every card in the reading takes on the “imprint” of the querent’s (or subject’s if it’s an impersonal matter) stake in the outcome. It personalizes the querent’s contribution to developments in a more vivid way than is otherwise achievable.

I’ve already posted a handful of spreads that use this approach: the Troll Under the Bridge, the Three-Point Landing, and the Celtic Cross with Traveling Significator. I expect there will be more, since the idea strikes my fancy. I think I may have one or two others already binned.

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