A “Yes-or-No” Spread for the Perennial Skeptic

I created a Yes-or-No spread that started out being fairly straightforward. It had only five cards plus a “wild card, it used my traveling Significator idea as well as the concept of higher cards “trumping” lower ones, and brought in the use of Elemental Dignities and reversals. Nothing could be simpler, right?

Then I got into how the weighting of one card against another (basically, the positional cards against the traveling Significator) would work with all variables in play. By the time I was done, I needed a scoresheet. Needless to say, I only use this one for major life-decisions. If I want something more approachable, I will use my “Barometer of Fate” spread, which is a “pros-and-cons” analysis that leads to a “Yes” or “No answer.

Both spreads are attached. Retired guys have way too much time on their hands.

Guardian of Truth Spread Non-numeric

Barometer of Fate Pros and Cons Spread


One thought on “A “Yes-or-No” Spread for the Perennial Skeptic

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