Alternate Realities: The Lady or the Tiger

As I entered the stratosphere of elaborate and esoteric tarot spread creation (believe me, you ain’t seen nothing yet), I got to thinking about two philosophical ideas and how they might be captured in a tarot reading: the Buddhist tenet that we create our own reality, and the Frank R. Stockton short story “The Lady or the Tiger” and its sequel, “The Discourager of Hesitancy,” which explore the vagaries of choice. The attached spreads allow for alternate outcomes. The first one provides three outcome paths and, using certain criteria, asks you to select one of the portals and hope you get the “Lady” and not the “Tiger” (no peeking at the other two!) The second one lets you choose in advance which outcome card would be  the most  probable or desirable in your circumstances and then examine its likelihood of manifestation.

Alternate Outcome Spread

Do It Yourself Outcome Spread

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