Thoth Court Cards “By the Book”

A while back, as a service to the on-line Thoth community, I went through every paragraph of the Court Card section of the Book of Thoth, trawling Crowley’s “moral characteristics” for words and phrases that could be compiled into a robust keyword list derived from his own words. After tabulating that, I created a second, expanded table that includes the Chaldean decan associations for the Knights, Queens and Princes (the Princesses are quadrant-based), along with astrological keywords drawn from Sakoian and Acker’s The Astrologer’s Handbook, still one of the most comprehensive “all-in-one” astrology texts on the market. Here are both tables.

Court Card Base Meanings

Thoth Court Card Characteristics

3 thoughts on “Thoth Court Cards “By the Book”

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