And Now for Something Completely Different

I warned you some of my other passions would creep in here. Below is my recipe for an Ultimate Irish Peach Sour. While traveling back from Florida last May, we stopped at an Applebees in western Virginia. They had a new mixed drink on the menu called an “Irish Peach Sour.” I put my whisky-savvy tongue on the case and came up with an approximation of the various flavors in the drink: Jameson’s Irish Whisky, sour mix and Peach Schnapps.

Make a batch of home-made Simple Syrup (one part granulated sugar and one part water, heated until dissolved). If you’re lazy, indifferent or pressed for time, just buy a bottle.

Make a batch of home-made peach sour mix (one part lime juice, one part lemon juice, one part Simple Syrup and one part DeKuyper’s Peachtree Scnapps) Do NOT use commercial powdered sour mix. Trust me on this.

Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice and add two ounces of Jameson’s Irish Whisky

Add two ounces of Peach Sour Mix

Add one jigger of additional Peach Scnapps to mellow out the sourness (or less to taste if you don’t mind puckering). Of course you could also just add more whisky to dilute it.


I guarantee you won’t taste the peat burn in the Irish Whisky.

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